About Carpe Bio

Hans Gerritse - Carpe BioHans Gerritse

I am providing consultancy services and market research in life sciences. Specialized in business development for university medical centers, biotech, plant breeding and pharmaceutical companies, I utilize my extensive network in the Dutch life-sciences market to open doors for you.

Looking to grow your business? Do you have innovative products and need sales expertise to realize their market potential? I will partner with you to bring market opportunities to your products.

I am a Dutch national, educated in cytology and histology and have been working in the life-sciences market since 1991. My experience is in business development in diverse industries, including reagents for molecular biology, HPLC, cell and tissue culture, immunology, liquid handling, microarray technology, biobanks and lab-automation.

I have initiated numerous product launches, built brands from scratch in the Benelux market, and partnered with product makers to establish new business prospects. Known for my ability to gain access to any new environment, I can help you establish lasting relationships and pioneer solutions that benefit both producer and customer. My ample market knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity is at your disposal.

Since early 2014, I have successfully brokered for:

  • Maastricht University
  • Radboud UMC Nijmegen
  • Erasmus MC Rotterdam
  • LUMC Leiden
  • Wageningen University & Research
  • University Utrecht
  • AMC Amsterdam
  • UMC Groningen
  • UMC Utrecht
  • Leiden University
  • Several biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO’s and food research companies
  • RIVM
  • NIOZ

Frank Perquin

I support companies in finding new clients through the creative use of IT and marketing. These two fields of work have gained more and more overlap in recent years. I speak both languages and am currently up to date with the latest developments in both areas.

I use my knowledge and network for multiple organizations, including multi-nationals and companies in science and healthcare. Besides this, I put my skills at the disposal of the Dutch Tangoweek Foundation, an organization that organizes the only tango music festival in Western Europe.